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1964 Sales brochure
Courtesy of P. Guibord 2006

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Home port - MB

Vessel Name
Sireco (1)  
One time special made by G.G. - Aroliner
Mfgr Serial
Year Mfgd
1949 ?
DOT Serial
Boat License
5F 3426  
Home Port
Winnipeg, MB ?
Motor Brand/HP/xS/YR
Trailer Brand / YR/Type
Dave M.
Sireco (1) only one ever built by ABC for GG
Photo courtesy of Dave M. - June 2009

Sireco has found a new home - June 2009. Keep tuned for updates !

The "Lake of the Woods" is a massive lake encompassing two Canadian provinces and the state of Minnesota, boasting 65,000 miles of shoreline and 14,500 islands, and so George Narcisse Giguere built a larger boat to access his "Camp". It was a 25' closed canopy inboard, known as "Sireco" (circa 1949) ,named after Echo Bay, where his "Camp" was located.

He experimented with larger boats and in 1967 launched a 42' aluminum boat for his own use. It was named "Sireco 2".

History text courtesy of P. Fraser


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