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Restoration Tips
1964 Sales brochure
Courtesy of P. Guibord 2006

Good Trailer Info
Coutesy of ACBS
1965 Aroliner Specs

Aroliner Racer - 1 of 4 ever made, resurfaces in 11/2006

History - Courtesy of P.Fraser

The Racing Days~

In the late 1940's George Giguere was involved with the local racing club and coming out this relationship was a few small racing boats that George and a few of his close friends and racing partners built at Aroline's Factory. The design, I am told, appears to come from a "Snyder" design,or possibly a "De Silva". There were only 4 of these boats that are known to have been built in aluminum at Aroline. The owners of these boats were George Giguere, Fenton Malley whose boat is pictured below, Gordon Fanstone, and Bud Duffy. They appear to have all been lost except for Fenton Malley's boat which his son Terry was kind enough to let me photograph. If you read this and know where another one of these is please contact me so I can catalog it for the Aroline history page coming soon. I'm hoping to get more pictures of these racers in their glory days. Winnipeg was a hotbed of Outboard Racing activity particularily from 1950-1955, and I'm told that these 4 boats were the ones to beat. They all ran a Mercury KG-9 with a "Quickie".
ARO racer - Malley - 1 of 4 ever made
Malley - stern view
ARO racer - Malley - 1 or 4 ever made
Malley - bow view
Aroliner racer - Malley - 1 of 4 ever made
Malley - stern view 2
and NOW one of the four Speedaire racers resurfaces - Which one is it ?????
Nov 2006

Aroliner racer - 1 of 4 ever made
Stern view of mystery racer
Perhaps Bud Duffy - the last one built ?
ARO racer - 1 of 4 ever made
Stern view 2 of mystery Speedaire
Aroliner racer - 1 of 4 ever made
Side view of mystery racer
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Rumor has it that one Speedaire racer is in Florida. So which one is this one.?????
Anyone that has information on the 4 Aroliner Racers - "Speedaire" - is invited to contact us. .... the fan club is anxious to know. Webmaster

Famous KG9 Merc racing motor
KG9 Merc`s were high RPM units designed for racing only. They were not suitable for pulling water skiers.
Side view of a KG9 - 25HP

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